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Need a clever logo? A visual representation of your company? Did you run out of business cards and want to make the new ones a bit classier? Look no further, ‘cause that’s our job!

TopOfMind can provide you with the tools you need to get your brand known to the world. If needed, we’ll create or tweak your corporate identity so it’s ready for the future.

The possibilities are infinite:

  • Logo
  • Letterheads
  • Business cards
  • Envelopes
  • Leaflets / Folders / Brochures
  • Online communication
  • Social Media
  • Content marketing
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“Once upon a time we were all born and raised with good stories we like to remember ...

We strongly believe that placing your brand or product into a strong story will give it the identity and power it deserves to be noticed and remembered as a hero. Whether we talk about B2B or B2C, we are all people who are receptive to emotion and passion. That is most likely why the word ‘storytelling’ has been picked up in marketing language. This kind of bla-bla language you can easily read on thousands of pages on the internet, while the proof of visual stories without words comes right from our imagination into this website.

... and your brand/product will live long and happily ever after.”

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All great things grow by nature in the belly. Ask your mother ;-) So do our ideas. In our native Dutch language we use the expression 'buikgevoel' (litterally translated: belly-feeling, officially: gutfeeling). One can dicuss taste and colour, but we all feel when something is right. Beside the theory about the marketing mix, we always consult that belly and a testing audience when it comes to determining the most suitable medium.

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What’s a great product without outstanding package design? You only get one first impression, so make it a memorable one!

TopOfMind can assist you with the design & concept of your packaging & promotion. Anything from flow packs, display boxes, carrying bags and bottle labels to the development of a brand new packaging type, perfectly suited to your business.
You name it, we create it!

But it doesn’t stop there: we also take care of the technical and legal specifications your food-related labels must comply to, organise photoshoots to make your product shine and ensure everything is printed, finished and delivered on time.

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For every type of photography like food, fashion, architecture, interior and jewelry, there is a specialized professional photographer we coöperate with.

When it comes to quick product shots for instant presentations and shots for the most advanced image creations, we have our in-house photo studio to make state-of-the art images.

Smile! ;-)

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Web design

HTML, CSS, PHP, JS, XML, SEO, ... we could go on and on with these abbreviations, but the fact is we make websites. No tree structure is too wide, no database is too small, no animation is too crazy. Every web project is tailor made (no templates here!) to your wishes, so virtually everything is possible!

Thanks to our custom built Backstage, you can keep your TopOfMind-website up-to-date and feel relaxed, knowing that all new features are automatically added to your project once they are released. No more broken websites caused by outdated plugins or incompatible code. It just works™ (or it will be fixed within a reasonable timespan™ - but that doesn't sound as cool).

Oh, and we have more tricks up our sleeve: feel free to contact us about company videos, automatic PDF generation, email marketing campaigns, shared image libraries, custom webshops, 3D modeling, etc...

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